About Dead Love Art

About the Artist:

Howdy! My name is Kay and I am the owner and creator of Dead Love Art. Born in Connecticut I moved to Florida at a young age. There I found my creativity in my first art class. From then to this day I have not only loved to draw and paint but basically anything to do with arts & crafts.


  Drawing has alwasy come natural to me but my painting came with a little nudge. When I was about 17, one of my good friends Peter, whose mom is an artist, gave me some left over canvas, paint and brushes. He told me to give it a try and I never looked back. I have been painting now for over 10 years.


After years of gifting my art to friends and family, I soon started getting a lot of positive feedback. People kept asking me why I wasn't selling my art. So eventually after a lot of convincing, I mustered up the confidence to sell.

Etsy has been a great starting point for me. I have sold art and gotten a lot of feedback. This has also inspired me to create my own blog, website and also sell prints of my paintings and now photography.

I'm hoping one day Dead Love Art will be a household name for those people who love the unusual. I am constantly learning and trying new techniques.

I hope you all enjoy what I have to offer. For me, my art is all about finding beauty in things that you don't necessarily think of that way! Opening eyes one at a time with my whimsy collection of art!

The artist retains all copyrights to original images. Copyright is not transferable with sale.
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